Rétro has been given birth  in 2010
by the fashion designer Manuela De Sanctis,
graduated at the Fashion Academy in Rome,
in order to create ecological and trasparent
economy oriented woman garments.

Rétro eco à porter

Rétro eco à porter is the pleasure of wearing soft and smooth clothes made in harmony with your wellness and comfort.

Both organic fabrics and dyes we use do not contain polluting chemicals or any other substance harmful for your skin.

All our dresses are made/produced/manufactured having in mind the environment as well as your health.

Every garment is created from organic and eco-friendly fabrics that have been carefully selected among small Italian weavers companies.

Moreover, all our clothes are made in small laboratories and family businesses by skilled and experienced Italian taylors, with the full abidance of workers welfare and well-being and with a specific attention paid to the "made in Italy" experience.

Our 'environment-friendly' choices are applied even to the careful selection of marketing materials and clothes tags: everything we use is either printed on recycled paper or sewed on cotton fabric