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Published : 10/18/2012 09:57:25
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Behind the Retro brand there is Manuela, a supergentile and nice designer who has managed to combine her love for fashion (studies at the Academy of Costume and fashion in Rome) with a keen ecologist and green spirit.

I met her at So Critical So Fashion almost a month ago and I fell in love with itscoats, his pants, cardigans and dresses made with organic cotton and linen, bambooand milk fibre.

The Rétro name tells a bit the philosophy that lies behind each garment made offabrics that come from fibers derived from agricultural crops without pesticides andthen hand-dyed with natural pigments. As it once was.

Rétro also in the sense of a fashion that lasts, anything but exact fast fashion but its opposite: i.e. quality clothes made to resist over time and 100% Made In Italy andmade in a small workshop of great sartorial tradition.


The future of Rétro is instead in the use of technology that discovers new fabrics such as bamboo peat (also known as Black Diamond, precious and excellent replacementyarn of wool) and retrieves renewing old inventions like the milk fiber direct descendant of Lanital, very similar to the wool fiber that was born in Italy in the years '30 from casein, a milk protein.

Adapted from The Slow Catwalk - article of 28 maggio 2013

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