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In my little - Retro - ethical fashion is not an oxymoron

Published : 03/31/2014 16:52:18
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“Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve, and hope without an object cannot live – Work without hope pours nectar in a sieve, nor lives in hope without a purpose. "They are words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, words Retro seems to have made her own. There is in fact those who want fashion as a continuous update of whimsical shapes and colors...

...of details, of accessories, a seasonal reinterpretation of the idea of woman and man and, consequently, of their image. And there are those who ask, however, welcome the trendy and promote sensitivity and common objective, such as the environment, or the one who wonders about the social implications of the reports concerning the present world of work.

Manuela De Sanctis was formed at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, one of the most important fashion schools in Italy. Then he worked for several years at a showroom of fashion, where he was responsible for the distribution of some brands of pret a porter. Despite retains fond memories of this experience, it was here that Manuela has understood that for her fashion meant attention to the environment, first of all.

"In the showroom I saw material waste, packaging, also immense collections of big brands with labels declaring the inside made in China or in India. I have always been oriented, in my personal life, towards all that was environmentally friendly, I am part of a buying group solidarity and I am interested in cosmetics EcoBio, on which I also did research for my thesis at the Academy. Thus, whereas the fashion industry, after the food industry, is the most impactful to pollution level is for the production of fibers for the use of toxic dyes and not least for the exploitation of labor, I thought to the realization of a brand that could coexist with respect for the environment and for the work. So I created Retro, which is a clothing brand ecological, Italian, made without waste or excess, but at the same time cut nice and suitable for most occasions. I wanted to contribute in my small way, to a change in perspective: I wanted the union of the word fashion the word ethics is no longer an oxymoron. But I think it's really outdated the idea to open a new brand of fashion if you do not take into account the environmental and social aspects of business, such as the protection of workers' rights. Campaigns such as the Clean Clothes Greenpeace does not leave anyone indifferent. So we choose fabrics with retro strictly biological and ecological at Italians certified manufacturer, we dye with dyes certified free of chromium, bromine, arsenic and formaldehyde, which provide leaders with very low environmental impact and non-allergenic".

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