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WellnessOggi - Organic Clothing: Rétro Ecowear

Published : 10/18/2011 09:49:09
Categories : Press about Rétro

The Retro women's clothing line comes from Ecowear creativity of fashion designersManuela De Sanctis.

The garments are made in Italy with organic and eco-friendly fabrics.

Designed for a female audience, fit both casual elegant style and are all customizable,from Mandrake to Willow shirt top II, which weaves together the organic cotton withmilk and fibre gives the fabric during dyeing a striped effect.

One of the most interesting pieces in the collection is "Iberis" a fine sweater longbamboo fiber, good to keep body heat in the cold months.

The collection also includes organic cotton robes and scarves in ultra-soft organic cotton available in various colors.

Everything is made with fabrics and natural dyes and certified from Italian companies,as well as the production, made in respect of Italian tradition.

In line with the green philosophy that invests the entire productive chain, crutches are made of cardboard, bamboo, labels, recycled paper cards and can be purchased on the official website are shipped throughout Italy in environmentally friendly bags toreduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Adapted from WellnessOggi - Article of 18 october 2011

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